About Return Man 4

Return man 4 is the latest edition of the Return man game franchise by ESPN. This premium flash game is developed for American Football lovers, and its previous versions have been very popular.
The version is based around American Football where you play from the approach of the defense.


You play in defense and the primary objective is to catch the opponent player with the ball. You must run as fast as you can and get him before he makes it to the finish line. Being the defender, you must stop the ball at all costs. While running after the man with the ball, you will have to fight your opponent catchers to avoid getting caught. Make it through the blockers and get the ball.

Return Man 4 As you advance within the levels, the game becomes interestingly harder. Fortunately, there are power-ups throughout the game. These helpful features are available on the field. You also get new, efficient and reliable teammates besides the new moves that help you run faster.

You will need advanced skills for you to successfully complete all the game’s levels.

There is a scoreboard on top of the screen that indicates the defensive stands remaining as you play. You lose the chances every time your player loses a chase and catch. You have to follow alerts and check the scoreboard before and as you play as it is important. You get rules at the beginning of the game. These can also be checked as you progress through the game’s stages. Look out for announcements that pop-up giving the status of the player.


To move around, you can use arrow buttons on your computer’s keyboard. Keys I, J, K, and L can be used alternatively to move your player to different directions.

The space bar comes in handy to perform a diving tackle. You also use it as the continue key.

Hitting the M key mutes the game.

The following buttons are used to execute special moves:
• A key performs a Swim
• D key a Bullrush
• S key makes a Shuck

Return Man 4 is a game to have. You will enjoy smooth realistic moves as you move your player around. The game’s graphics too are really awesome. With a simple attractive design, the game leaves a breathtaking experience. This is the perfect game for lovers of flash and American Football games. Do not miss this fantastic blend of elegance and simplicity. The advanced features promise quite a lot.